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Christopher Pop-In-Kins

$9.95   Elf Only

8″ Christopher Pop-In-Kins Elf with posable arms and legs

Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins

$9.95   Elf Only

7.5″ Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins with posable arms and legs

Mittens the Pop-In-Kins Cat

$6.95 Cat Only

Mittens the Pop-In-Kins Cat featured in the story “Christina Marie and the Little Tree” 4.5″ Plush

 12″X 9″ Storybook     $9.95

 9″X 5″   Storybook     $4.95

“Christopher Pop-In-Kins Pops In”  ©1985   

Hardcover Storybook 36 pages

Written by Flora Johnson    Illustrated by Brian Bradway

 12″X 9″ Storybook     $9.95

 9″X 5″ Storybook     $4.95

“Christina Marie and the Little Tree”  ©2010   

Hardcover Storybook 40 pages

Written by Edward Kuntzman    Illustrated by Brian Bradway

Christopher Pop-In-Kins Floppets

$2.95 each

Christopher Pop-In-Kins 1″ Floppet with 3″ velcro strap

Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins Floppets

$2.95 each

Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins with Mittens the Cat 1″ Floppet with 3″ velcro strap

Santa Claus Floppets

$2.95 each

Santa Claus 1″ Floppet with 3″ velcro strap